Lidl opening-day food prices to undercut competitors by more than half

DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

Lidl has announced that, for a limited time after it opens, bananas will cost €0.66/kg. The Barbora online grocery shopping website offers bananas for €1.44/kg, while other supermarkets’ banana prices hover at around €1.15/kg.

Lidl will also have bell peppers for €1.24/kg, though these will also be subject to a temporary sale. Barbora is selling bell peppers for €2.49/kg, which is after a sale has been applied.

Iceberg lettuce at Lidl will cost €0.49 a head, and the heads of cauliflower that prompted a supermarket boycott in Lithuania will cost €0.99.

Tomatoes on the vine will cost €0.66/g, and during the first days of Lidl’s opening, cucumbers will cost €0.49/k and apples will cost €0.39/kg.

Meat products

Lidl has also announced much lower prices for some meat products, though it is unclear whether these prices will last.

Mixed ground pork and beef will cost €0.99 at Lidl, and chopped pork tenderloin will cost €1.11.

Dairy discounts

The new supermarket chain will offer discounts on a number of different dairy products. A kilogram of yogurt will cost €1.49, curd with fruit will cost €0.35, and a cup of 18% cream will cost €0.39.

Doors open on Thursday

Some of the final work is being done on preparations for five Lidl stores in Vilnius.

Lidl will open the doors at 15 locations throughout Lithuania on Thursday, 2 June.

There will be 5 stores in Vilnius, two in Kaunas, and one each in Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Alytus, Marijampolė, Kėdainiai, Kretinga, Telšiai and Mažeikiai.

The stores in Vilnius will be opening in Fabijoniškės (S. Nėries g. 16), Jeruzalė (Ateities g. 4A), Naujininkai (Kapsų g. 1), Šeškinė (Dūkštų g. 34) and Šnipiškė (Kalvarijų g. 180). The stores in Kaunas will be found in Kalniečiai (Šiaurės pr. 1A) and Šilainiai (Baltų pr. 10). The remainder of the stores can be found in Klaipėda (Taikos pr. 66B), Šiauliai (Tilžės g. 3), Alytus (Jazminų g. 32A), Marijampolė (Žemaitės g. 22), Kėdainiai (Basanavičiaus g. 87B), Telšiai (Luokės g. 74A), Kretinga (Žemaitės al. 12) and Mažeikiai (Daukšos g. 24A).

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