Line-up of parties on election ballots revealed

DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

Parties running for parliament in Lithuania’s general elections this Ocober have drawn lots to decide the order in which they will be listed on the ballots.

The Central Electoral Commission‘s chairman Zenonas Vaigauskas said on Thursday that an average of ten candidates are competing for each one of the 141 Seimas seats.

A little less than a third, 31.7%, of the candidates are women and the age average is 49 years. Twelve parties are participating in the election on their own while four parties have formed two coalitions.

The order on the ballot

1. Lithuanian Social Democratic Party
2. Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats
3. Lithuanian Freedom Union (Liberals)
4. Coalition “Against Corruption and Poverty”
5. Order and Justice
6. Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union
7. Liberal Movement
8. Labour Party
9. The Way of Courage Party
10. Lithuanian People’s Party
11. Electoral Action of Poles – Christian Families’ Union
12. Lithuanian Green Party
13. “Anti-Corruption coalition of Kristupas Krivickas and Naglis Puteikis”


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