Lithuania advertised as ‘Jerusalem of the North’ on streets of Israel

Lithuanian tourist promotion agencies have created eye-catching posters showing some of Lithuania’s best scenery along with the striking slogan to encourage tourists to come from Israel.

Lithuanian accents could be heard not only in the exhibition, there also are advertisements on the streets of Tel Aviv saying Discover Lithuania – Jerusalem of the North.

The representatives of Lithuanian Embassy in Israel said that the advertising campaign was launched a few days ago and will last for two weeks.

The number of tourists from Israel travelling to Lithuania is growing every year, according to the Department of Statistics.

“The fact that Lithuania attractive for Israeli tourists, witnessed and crowded planes, a direct flight connecting Vilnius and Tel Aviv. A few months ago direct flights started from Eilat from Kaunas [Wizz Air fly from Vilnius to Tel Aviv].”

“Israelis like Lithuania because many have Litvak roots Lithuania. They admire Lithuanian nature, the resorts and climate – the cool air in the summer when they can escape from the midsummer heat wave in Israel at an attractive price,” says Lithuanian tourism spokesman in Israel.

A few years ago there was a decline in numbers which was put down to the ageing profile of an older generation of Israelis who would have liked to visit Lithuania.

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