Archaeological explorations of the complex of the Great Synagogue of Vilnius at Vokiečių g.13A @ Vilnius Municipality (9)

Archaeologists from Lithuania, Israel and USA exploring territory of the Great Synagogue complex

Vilnius which is changing every day makes every effort to preserve values of cultural heritage – archaeological explorations of the complex of the Great Synagogue of Vilnius (at Vokiečių g. 13A) started on 12 July, and on 2 – 6 September, creative workshops for preserving its heritage will be held. The restoration of the entire territory and the adjacent areas is planned by 2023. […]

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The day Lithuania became a culture of we

Nearly three thousand participants walked this day to pay tribute to the over 2,000 Jewish Lithuanians – 700 adults and 1463 children – who were murdered here on August 29, 1941. […]

Atminimo eitynės nuotr.

Molėtai holding Holocaust memorial march

A memorial march is held in Molėtai, eastern Lithuania, on Monday to honour victims of the Holocaust. […]


Jewish community wants Vilnius municipality to co-found kindergarten

The Jewish community wants Vilnius municipality co-found a Jewish kindergarten in the Lithuanian capital.

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The biggest global stars that you never knew were from Lithuania

Lithuania gave the world many stellar personalities that have and continue to entertain, impress and influence the world. Here is our selection of ten global stars you may not have suspected have Lithuanian blood. […]