Lithuania in top 10 foreign investment recipients per population

Lithuania is one of the world’s leaders that attract foreign investment and create new jobs, according to a new ranking.

IBM Global Location Trends 2016 report shows that Lithuania takes the 10th position in the world in terms of jobs created by foreign direct investment per population.

Lithuania is also in the top ten in terms of the average added value of the new jobs.

“Only two countries fall in the top ten of the most planned jobs per population, and the top ten of planned value level of the new jobs. It is Lithuania and Ireland. In these countries, foreign investors tend to create more jobs that require skills and offer goof pay,” said Invest Lithuania general manager Mantas Katinas.

2015 was a record year for Lithuania – the country attracted more than 30 foreign investment projects creating more than 2,500 jobs. Even the first half of 2016 hit record highs with 19 new projects and more than 1,500 new jobs, says Investors Forum policy and public affairs manager Lukas Savickas.

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