Lithuania needs to be ‘EU stakeholder’ not just draw down funding, Commissioner says

EU Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis

As Lithuania’s economy is approaching the EU average, the country needs to give as well as take from the EU, Andriukaitis insisted during a discussion hosted by Kaunas-based Vytautas Magnus University. The refugee crisis is one of the issues that the country needs to chip in.

“When the common fundamental values ​​of the EU are not followed, serious crises arise. Everything else is just daily difficulties,” said Andriukaitis.

The EU is not going to break apart, he believes, but the biggest challenge to the union are extreme nationalist politicians emerging in Central-Eastern Europe and parties like Marine Le Pen’s Front National in France.

“The EU is ready to control the countries that, having used up economic support, are voicing ideas about leaving, ideas that undermine security and stability,” Andriukaitis said.

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