Lithuania to distribute EUR 1.2 mln for religious communities

The sum is almost double from the sum earmarked in 2017 when the communities received a total of 697,000 euros.

Traditionally, the largest sum of over 1 million euros will go to the Lithuanian Conference of Bishops representing the Catholic Church. Pope Francis is expected to visit Lithuania in the fall of 2018.

The Orthodox community should be granted 61,100 euros, Old Believers should receive 12,700 euros, the Lithuanian Evangelical Lutherans should be earmarked 11.400 euros, the Lithuanian Evangelical Reformist Church should be given 6,000 euros and the Muslim Sunnis should get 4,200 euros.

A resolution on the distribution scheme is yet to be approved by Lithuania’s government.

The money is divided among the nine religious communities by the number of believers, also in light of their statutes.

Traditional religious communities in Lithuania receive funding from the state every year.

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