Lithuania to study oil extraction prospects

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

Hydrocarbon resources were explored in the area in 1970-1980. Four structures where oil deposits could concentrate were identified. Lauksargiai oil field and Rambynas oil source were explored. Based on survey results, it was thought that oil reserves in Lauksargiai oil field might reach up to 150,000 tonnes, while in Rambynas oil resource up to 440,000 tonnes.

According to director of the LGT, Jonas Satkūnas, the figures might be revised because exploration took place four decades ago, using seismic survey methods of that era. Meanwhile, new modern 3D survey methods should help specify the amount of hydrocarbon resources or disprove its existence altogether.

Nonetheless, it is possible that new oil structures will be found closer to the Kaliningrad Region, were oil has been extracted from the same Cambrian layers since 1975. Throughout this time a total of 40 million tonnes of oil have been extracted in Kaliningrad from 26 of 37 fields.

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