Lithuanian ambassador presented NATO Wales Summit results in Stockholm

Eitvydas Bajarūnas
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

During the meeting, the attendees discussed the results of the NATO Summit in Wales. Positive development and future co-operation prospects on security and defence issues between the Nordic and the Baltic states were also on the meeting‘s agenda.

During the meeting in Kastellet palace, Ambassador Bajarūnas emphasized that Lithuania welcomes NATO Summit decisions and stressed the necessity of their urgent and smooth implementation. “NATO Response Force is the most important outcome of the Summit which will allow to address the new security challenges and will help to adjust to a new security environment. However, the foreseen measures should be enforced as soon as possible”, Ambassador stressed.

According to Ambassador Bajarūnas, NATO Open Door Policy contributed to increased stability and security in Europe. Therefore, two new initiatives on Defence capacity development and Alliance interaction strengthening should be taken into consideration in accordance.

Moreover, Ambassador Bajarūnas emphasized the growing regional importance not only on political and economic developments but also on co-operation issues on defence and security between the Nordic and the Baltic States. According to Bajarūnas, the Nordic and the Baltic States face very similar threats and problems. Consequently, the greater regional integration on defence and security issues would allow to adopt more effective solutions to existing challenges. ”Practical co-operation projects and common exercises in the field for rescue, air transport and cyber security between the Nordic and the Baltic States are of a high importance”, Ambassador said to meeting’s attendees.

Also, Ambassador Bajarūnas noticed that Embassy of Lithuania (current NATO Contact Point Embassy in Sweden) is actively involved in the debates on security and defence issues in Sweden. During the meeting the attendees also discussed Swedish relationships with NATO, region’s political and defence challenges.

Ambassador Bajarūnas is going to present NATO Summit results to the members of Stockholm Association of International Affairs this week. Also, on October 1, 2014 the Swedish Atlantic Council and the Embassy of Lithuania organize the international conference to discuss the results of NATO Summit in Cardiff.

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