Lithuanian and Hollywood films dominated Lithuania’s cinemas in 2016

Between us, boys

The top 10 films include four Lithuanian premieres. Three of them are at the top of the list – Between Us, Boys (Tarp mūsų berniukų; directed by Kęstutis Gudavičius), What’s Your Emergency? (Gautas iškvietimas; directed by Tadas Vidmantas) and What’s Your Emergency 3 (Gautas iškvietimas 3; directed by Tadas Vidmantas), and Oh, Yes! Oh, No! (O, ne! O, taip!; directed by Julius Paulikas) Lithuanian Film Centre announced in a press release.

A total of 13 national premieres were featured in Lithuanian film theatres in 2016. They were seen by almost 700,000 viewers and grossed €3,463,634. Ten of these films were made with state support – either using the funding from the Lithuanian Film Centre or exploiting the tax incentive for film production.

In 2015, there were 10 premieres of Lithuanian films that attracted over 440,000 viewers and grossed €2,017,262.

Although the majority of the films screened in Lithuanian cinemas were made in the USA (55.7% in 2016), Lithuania is still noted for exceptionally big market share of national productions, which grew from 14% in 2015 to 19.5% in 2016. Due to diminished supply, the market share of European films shrank to less than 5%.

Revenue from tickets in Lithuanian film theatres grew by 15% or nearly €2.3m in 2016. Ticket price increased by €0.21 on average as compared to 2015. 60% of the income from the value added tax for film distribution and screening in cinemas is funnelled into funding Lithuanian films.

National films distribution support programme was launched across Lithuanian film theatres for the first time in 2016. Filmmakers willing to participate in the scheme had to invest into the marketing of the film twice the amount received as support. Five films took part in the programme – Seneca’s Day (Senekos diena), Kings’ Shift (Karalių pamaina), Together For Ever (Amžinai kartu), Gitel (Gitel), and 2 Nights Till Morning (2 yötä aamuun). €2,000 were allocated for the distribution programme. A similar amount is planned for 2017.

The most populuar films in 2016 Top 10

Lithuanian films released 2016 and screened at film theatres

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