Lithuanian army holds instructor training for Ukrainian troops

“The training program is intended for training of specialists of NATO partner-countries. The initiative emerged in the light of today’s needs of armed forces NATO countries and the ability of armies of the Alliance’s members to share their useful experiences in planning and organizing exercises,” the head of the school, Lieutenant Colonel Stasys Paldūnas, said.

In response to the Ukrainian security situation and needs, the course will provide 20 Ukrainian soldiers and petty officers with basic military training, as well as teach to organize munitions and firing exercises, preparatory battle exercises, battle exercises and physical training exercises. In September, 10 Ukrainian representatives already completed the training.

The program is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of participants and hold theoretical and practical exercises.

Defence cooperation between Lithuania and Ukraine dates back to 2000. In addition to the Lithuanian army school in Kaunas, Ukrainians attend courses in the Lithuanian War Academy in Vilnius, the War Medical Service in Kaunas and the Baltic Defence College in Tartu, Estonia.

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