Lithuanian cheese Džiugas ‘Made in Argentina’ found in Russian stores

Last March, Žemaitijos Pienas signed an agreement with Argentina to export the Lithuanian cheese Džiugas to the South American country. After the imposition of an embargo by Russia, Lithuania lost the ability to export a number of food products to Russia, including the Džiugas cheese in question.

Žemaitijos Pienas representatives could not comment yesterday on how Lithuanian cheese labelled “Made in Argentina”, in Russian, had made its way to Russian stores, reports.

From last August, Russia introduced a policy of destroying banned food products if they got into the country.

After Russia banned import of food products from EU countries and the US, it had been predicted that the Baltic countries would experience the biggest losses but many Lithuanian exporters have succeeded in finding new markets in Western Europe and the Americas.

Russia has imposed a range of embargos and sanctions in retaliation for economic sanctions against it covering all the EU member states, as well as the USA, Australia, Canada, Norway, Albania, Montenegro, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

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