Lithuanian companies hit high notes at European Business Awards

„Avia Solutions Group"
Bendrovės archyvas

The largest aviation group in Eastern Europe Lithuania’s Avia Solutions Group was not only ranked among the 10 most entrepreneurial European businesses but was also recognised as the top company in Lithuania by a public vote.

Three Lithuanian companies were also ranked among the best in their respective categories at the European Business Awards ceremony held in Milan on 17 June.

32,000 European companies have participated in the competition with a total of 227,000 votes cast.

“In recent years we have conducted a number of ambitious projects that required custom solutions. The fact that we are among the continent’s 10 most entrepeneurial companies shows that these decisions have been effective and visible throughout Europe,” said Linas Dovydėnas, the head of Avia Solutions Group.

The European Business Awards jury this year included of former Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme, the international customer service institute’s founder, academic Philip Forrest, a former Bulgarian President Petar Stefanov Stoyanov.

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