Reforming Lithuania’s Labour Code: The battle between capital and labour over shrinking profits

Discussions surrounding Lithuania’s Labour Code reform is part of the global trend where capital is challenging workers’ rights and pushing to transfer all risks associated with business cycles onto labour, according to a Linköping University professor who analysed the discourse of both the advocates and opponents of the reform. […]


Lithuanian entrepreneurs push for adoption of Estonian tax model

A number of Lithuanian entrepreneurs are pushing for Lithuania to adopt Estonia‘s approach to taxation to stop a flight of companies from the country to its Baltic neighbour. “Income tax administration in Lithuania both for […]


Business confidence in Lithuania is improving but slowly

Lithuanian business sentiment improved in March as the confidence indicator rose to -1 from -5 in February, according to the Lithuanian Statistics Department‘s business trends and expectations survey data for March. […]

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Businesses can contribute to national security – NATO

The role of business in strengthening the country’s military readiness is very important, said a top military commander as NATO representatives visited Kaunas on Tuesday. […]