Businesses can contribute to national security – NATO

“The army of any state is strong and able to fulfill its mission only if it has strong public support and understanding. It is very important to know the society, so by travelling around Lithuanian cities we get acquainted with people, businesses and we are looking for cooperation opportunities,” said Colonel Jacob Larsen, the head of the NPIV in Lithuania.

Representatives of NATO integration unit in Lithuania visited Kaunas on Tuesday, where they met with Kaunas municipality, industry and business representatives.

The main task of NPIV in Lithuania is to prepare and ensure an operative and timely deployment of extremely high readiness NATO forces and other allied units in Lithuania.

“Conscription in Lithuania is a great step forward in strengthening the country’s military readiness, and is seen and appreciated by NATO. However, in order to ensure an efficient and smooth result of threats, it important that the country’s businesses also help,” said NPIV deputy commander, Mindaugas Petkevicius.

According to the heads of the delegation, businesses in the commercial centre of Urmas expressed a strong desire to explore business opportunities in enhancing the country’s security and in exploring the possibilities to contribute to strengthening of the country’s military readiness.

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