Lithuanian defence minister pledges more assistance to Ukraine

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

Lithuania ‘s Ministry of National Defense said in a statement that around 400,000 litas (around EUR 115,000) will be additionally allocated from the ministry’s budget alone to assist Ukraine.

The government and the public in Lithuania support democratic reforms in Ukraine and the country’s pursuit of European integration, the ministry underlined.

According to Olekas, the implementation of the trilateral Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian military brigade project will be one of the priorities of military cooperation with Ukraine.

Contributing to Ukrainian assistance, Lithuania’s Ministry of National Defense funds studies of Ukrainian troops in Lithuania’s military training establishment and the Baltic Defense College where students from Ukraine are currently studying.

Over 30 Ukrainian troops are set to finish training at Division General Stasys Rastikis Lithuanian Armed Forces School this year.

Moreover, Lithuania is providing medical treatment for Ukrainian troops injured during the ongoing antiterrorist operation in eastern Ukraine.

The Ministry of National Defense has also provided other type of assistance to Ukraine in the form of medical supplies, dry food rations etc.

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