Lithuanian delegation in Greece says no Syrians in refugee camps

The deputy minister says the camps that the Lithuanian delegation has visited did not house any refugees from Syria, Iraq or Eritrea, the nationalities that Lithuania has committed to resettle.

On Wednesday, the Lithuanian officials are going to the Island of Lesbos where they will observe registration and health checks performed for migrants that are making their way from Turkey to Greece.


“There are still many unanswered questions,” Jankevičius told LRT. “The Greeks are not very well prepared for the resettlement, since not all the camps are in operation yet. Specifically the camps on the mainland that are supposed to receive people from the islands.

“In the camps that I’ve seen, there are no citizens of Syria, Iraq or Eritrea; according to the [European] Council’s decision, Lithuania has pledged to help nationals of these countries.


“According to local officials, they [migrants] come with passports, they are given papers from the police and they continue on to the mainland, they do not stay in Greece, they travel to richer countries.”

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