Lithuanian diaspora leader: We agree to referendum on citizenship on 3 conditions

Dalia Henke
DELFI / Audrius Solominas

“First of all, online voting should be introduced as soon as possible. Second, Lithuania’s political parties should reach an agreement because at the moment they are not united regarding the issue. Only with the help of everybody and by spreading the news about the upcoming referendum like a team, can we make the referendum happen – we believe that a referendum held now or in 2016 would simply fail. Lastly, the legal acts of the referendum should be altered and simplified,” Henke told on the national TV LRT.

The PLB leader had previously said that one should distinguish between two things: dual citizenship and preservation of the Lithuanian citizenship.

“Speaking about the preservation of the Lithuanian citizenship, I refer to three generations of Lithuanians who have left the country since 1990. We have three generations dating from 1990 that live outside Lithuania, although their representatives are Lithuanian,” she had said.

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