Lithuanian doctors perform first surgery on rare tumour

DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

A year ago, a young woman was diagnosed with a very rare epithelial and stromal tumour in the kidney. The initial operation was successful. However, a year later, a computer tomography scan showed that the tumour has re-occurred.

Dr. Marijus Gutauskas, the head of the Vascular Surgery Department explained the second surgery: “We knew that this type of tumour could not be treated by either chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Only an operation could help this woman. In preparation we have planned to do it in two stages. The first phase of the process was removing the tumour from the inferior vena cava. Since the tumour has overgrown the vein wall, we had to remove all the damaged vein segment and sew an artificial blood vessel instead.


“This is a special operation, because inferior vena cava prosthetics are done in very rare cases. We just had to improvise and find the most appropriate way to help the woman.”

This unique operation was also special for the fact that it was carried out by an interdisciplinary team professionals from four different areas: urologists, abdominal, vascular surgeons and neurosurgeons.


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