Lithuanian EC member Andriukaitis undergoes surgery in Vilnius

Eurokomisaras Vytenis Andriukaitis

The urgent surgery was carried out on 30 March, the institution, Santariškės Clinic, said on Wednesday.

Surgeon Kęstutis Strupas said the surgery was rather difficult and lasted nearly seven hours. The patient is currently recovering and will shortly be discharged to proceed to rehabilitation in the resort town of Druskininkai.

“I was advised to have the surgery without delay. I am very happy to have been operated upon by doctors of the Santariškės Clinic. I have worked here myself, therefore, I am well familiar with the experience of my colleagues and superb performance of all units, and I appreciate it,” Andriukaitis, Lithuania’s former health minister, said.

In his words, consultations about his condition were held with hospitals of Brussels, Oslo and Heidelberg.

The hospital did not specify the health problems Andriukaitis was having before the surgery.

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