Lithuanian entrepreneurs in Poland gather to drive business ties

K. Cemnolonskio nuotr.

A meeting between Lithuanians living and working in Poland, entrepreneurs, as well as the Polish representatives to discuss professional relations with Lithuania was organised on April 20 by the Warsaw Global Lithuanian Leaders together with the Lithuanian Embassy in Poland and the Lithuanian-Polish Business Chamber of Commerce.

The aim of the event – to bring Lithuanians living and working in Poland for a common purpose – to share experiences, to develop relations between the states and the people.

“Close professional and personal contacts contribute to the development of Lithuanian-Polish relations by spreading the good news about Lithuanian achievements and increasing awareness about the development prospects of Lithuania,” said Lithuanian Ambassador to Poland Šarūnas Adomavičiaus.

“Last year, Global Lithuanian Leaders meeting were held in Paris, London, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Riga, New York, Toronto, Chicago. We start this year in Warsaw, because relations with our neighbouring countries are particularly important, and professionals connected to Lithuania and living in Poland can contribute to these relations,” said Kotryna Stankutė-Jaščemskienė, the head of Global Lithuanian Leaders.

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