Lithuanian expats in UK do not believe Britain will decide to leave EU

Lithuanians living in Britain say that many expats simply do not believe that the Britain will decide to leave the EU, but there would be less fear of a Brexit if there were more precise information about what would change if Britain were to actually leave the EU.

“People think that it is like a joke – the time will pass and we will live as before. Those who have recently arrived, who have not yet settled, those people are following the events with anxiety. It is bad that there is very little information on what would change if a decision was taken to leave the European Union,” said Dalia Asanavičiūtė, the chairwoman of the British Lithuanian community.

The London City Lithuanians’ Club president Marius Raugalas said that the majority of Lithuanians in the UK would prefer the country stayed in the EU which would guarantee that no significant changes that could affect their life and work in a foreign country would happen.

According to 2011 census, more than 95,000 Lithuanians lived in Britain, but it is believed that the real current numbers could be closer to 200,000.


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