Lithuanian expert links Russian border problems with president’s statement

Dalia Grybauskaitė
DELFI (R.Achmedovo nuotr.)

She has no doubt there’s a political reason for the problems.

“What I would like to link it with most are the president’s recent statements as there has been nothing else really significant. Lithuania’s position is clear and it could eventually spark something similar,” Jakniunaitė told BNS on Monday.

In her words, by imposing restrictions, Russia is often putting pressure on neighbouring countries.
“One of the way it (Russia – BNS) wants and can irritate its neighbours is border-related obstacles. There’s nothing new here, it just regularly imposes such measures for “naughty” countries. Usually, it lasts for several months. They will tantalize us, irritate our carriers and the system would silently start working again,” the expert said.

The Lithuanian State Border Guard Service said Russia imposed the new measures on vehicles with Lithuanian plates wanting to enter the Kaliningrad region on Friday night. Interior Minister Saulius Skernelis said on Monday “both cars and cargo vehicles are practically not let into Russia.”
Lithuanian carriers say Lithuanian vehicles are also struck on the Latvian-Russian border and at Russia’s internal customs checkpoints.

On Thursday, Lithuanian President Grybauskaitė called Russia a terrorist state as it is sending troops to eastern Ukraine with identification signs. Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs soon responded calling the Lithuanian president’s rhetoric “surpasses even most extremist statements voiced by radical nationalists in Kiev.”

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