Lithuanian fruit and vegetable growers receive over EUR 120,000 in aid

1,077 tonnes of carrots and 417 tonnes of cabbages were given to charity. 101 tonnes of apples, 53 tonnes of cabbages and 1,239 tonnes of carrots were not harvested. A total of 2,315 tonnes of carrots, 470 tonnes of cabbages and 101 tonnes of apples were withdrawn.

Payment claims total LTL 624,624 (EUR 181,000). LTL 418,302 (EUR 121,100) have already been paid out to applicants. The figures will still rise as applications may be submitted until 31 January 2015.

Lithuania was allocated support for 7,000 tonnes of fruit and vegetables by the end of the year – 2,000 tonnes for apple growers and 5,000 tonnes for vegetable (i.e. carrots, tomatoes) growers.

The European Commission has extended the period for withdrawal of agricultural products to 30 June 2015. Additional quantities of fruit and vegetables to be withdrawn from 1 January 2015 were established for 12 EU Member States.

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