Lithuanian fruit and vegetable growers to receive EU support

Worth up to EUR 165 million, this new scheme provides support to withdraw surplus volumes from the market and comes in addition to the programme worth up to EUR 125 million for fruit and vegetables that was announced on August 18, but suspended on September 10 because provisional applications showed that the full budget allocation had already been claimed.

In order to be better targeted, the new scheme includes an annex outlining eligible volumes in individual Member States with specific figures per product group. These volumes are based on export volumes for this period in the last 3 years with amounts deducted to take account of volumes already claimed under the first EUR 125 million scheme.

The Ministry of Agriculture has informed that fruit and vegetable growers whose produce volumes amount to 7,000 tonnes will be eligible to receive support. Vegetable sector will be allocated more support with volume threshold set at 4,000 tonnes.

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