Lithuanian government plans broadband for everyone

Vida Press

“During the implementation period, we will deploy the basic broadband infrastructure such as fiber-optic lines and telecommunication towers, i.e., invest in infrastructure rather than directly in services. In order to make this investment economically feasible and avoid possible duplication of existing lines, Lithuanian authorities consulted with the major communication operators and adjusted the routes and locations,” said Tomas Karpavičius, chancellor of the ministry.

The New Generation Access Network plan will stimulate infrastructure-based competition. The aim of the national plan is to reach the goal of EU initiative on Digital Agenda and, by 2020, provide all Lithuanian residents with a 30 Mbps or above internet speed connection.

Karpavičius underlined that, contrary to mistakenly assumed idea, the goal of the national plan is not to fully cover the territory, but provide access to broadband services to all households.

In order to implement the national plan, it is planned to build fiber-optic lines, and, in sparsely-populated areas or distant households, telecommunication towers. State will not compete with commercial operators; therefore, all telecommunication operators will be able to use the provided infrastructure on equal terms.

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