Lithuanian government plans no major tax changes in 2015

“Introducing new exemptions is out of the question. Certain steps have already been made toward eliminating the existing ones: decisions have been made on taxing investment capital,” the prime minister said in an interview to the business daily Verslo Žinios.

“The issue of raising excise tax rate for alcoholic drinks remains to be settled. Proposals regarding amendments in the area of alcohol excise taxes will be submitted along with next year’s budget proposal and will likely come into effect in the second quarter of next year,” he said.

Butkevičius has said earlier that alcohol producers asked to raise the tax gradually, over the period of several years, rather than in a sharp hike; the government is therefore working on respective amendments to the Law on Excise Duty.

Broadening the real estate tax base to include all properties is not in the plans for next year either, but the non-taxable real property threshold should be lowered to 750,000 litas (EUR 217,400), from 1 million litas, he said.

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