Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian communities celebrate Baltic Unity Day in Sweden

Baltic Unity Day in Sweden

Together with his Baltic colleagues, Ambassador Bajarūnas in the opening speech pointed out that the Baltic countries are strong as they remain united and act together. “It is very pleasant that the tradition to celebrate the Baltic Unity Day becomes more popular and it is a very good occasion to introduce Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian culture and heritage to the Swedish people,” said the ambassador.

The event was organized by Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian communities in Sweden together with Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian embassies and business companies. This year, the main coordinator of the event was the Lithuanian community in Sweden.

The all-day-long celebration included various attractions: Lithuanian dance ensemble “Baltija” from Stockholm and Estonian as well as Latvian dance and song ensembles performed, Lithuanian artist Regimantas Šilinskas played with wooden bells. Various Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian companies introduced their products and hand crafts, presented books and national delicacies in a fair.

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