Lithuanian MP proposes ban on female genital mutilation

Giedrė Purvaneckienė
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

The MP says that migration to the European Union (EU) from regions were such procedures are practised, there is a risk that they might spread in Lithuania.

If adopted, the bill would make female genital mutilation a punishable offence. The MP believes this would lead to fewer people demanding and performing such procedures.

Purvaneckienė said female genital mutilation is practised in 30 countries, mostly in Africa. Based on the data of the World Health Organisation, approximately 100-140 million girls and women have been subjected to the procedure.

Lithuania has committed to resettle refugees from Eritrea, where UNICEF says female genital mutilation is performed on 83 percent of girls and women aged 15-49, both Muslim and Christian, according to Purvaneckienė.

Furthermore, the MP says similar laws against such practices have been adopted in Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Croatia, Cyprus and Sweden.

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