Lithuanian opposition parties furious, draw parallels to Russian Duma

Andrius Kubilius
DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

Opposition were furious after the move by the government with Conservative and the opposition leader Andrius Kubilius compared the ruling parties to Russian politicians.

“Remember that only in the Russian Duma can the ruling party can say that the Duma is not a place for discussions. The Lithuanian parliament won the right to discuss all issues for all the nation, and you and your blatant actions cannot take away that right.”

The Conservatives’ criticism got a sharp response, with the Social Democrats accusing the opposition of electioneering.

“Here Mr Gapšys is just an excuse. After all, you can see how much populist issues are being raised. Stop practising populism and inciting people before the elections,” said Social Democrat Benediktas Juodka.

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