Lithuanian parliament proposes 34-percent hike to minimum wage

DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

The Parliament adopted the resolution drafted by MP Kęstutis Daukšys, Chair of the Labour Party political group. 50 MPs voted in favour of the resolution, 7 voted against and 37 abstained.

The resolution states that, based on the European Commission’s assessment dated 26 February 2015, the number of Lithuanian residents who are at risk of social exclusion or falling below poverty line remains high. Nearly 30 percent of Lithuania’s population is at risk of poverty and the figure is one of the highest among European Union member states. It is said that Lithuania failed to implement the European Commissions recommendations submitted in 2014 and has not achieved progress in poverty reduction.

The resolution notes that in October 2014 the number of employees making EUR 300 or less per month stood at 211,400 (19.4 percent), including employees of sole proprietorships. 9.1 percent of the employed people were living below the poverty line.

On Tuesday, the Parliament will consider another project related to the minimum monthly wage as well. The latter was prepared by Chair of the party Order and Justice, Petras Gražulis. He has proposed that the minimum monthly wage be indexed to average pay and not allowed to drop below half of the average monthly wage recorded within the last three years.

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