Skvernelis during the last TV debate on LRT

ELECTIONS. Analysis. Social policy debate – another victory for the “Peasants”

The “Peasants” (LVŽS) are celebrating their second consecutive debate victory, shows a survey of experts done by after the social policy debate. The “Peasant’s” performance was once again voted as the best, however the lead over the Conservatives (TS-LKD) who were left in second place is only one point. Furthermore most experts agree that G. Landsbergis’ (TS-LKD) closing statement was the strongest, while S. Skvernelis’ (LVŽS) speech was decent, but reading off a paper made for a bad image. […]

LGBT concert at  "Loftas" after the Baltic Pride 2016 in Vilnius

Most leaders of Seimas election lists back same-sex partnerships

If ordinary members of Lithuania’s next parliament back the ideas of their leaders, the country may adopt a historic decision to legalize homosexual relations within the next four years. […]

Romas Lazutka

ELECTIONS 2016: Economics. Lazutka: Impressed with Skvernelis

On the evening of September 13 a political debate featuring the top five largest Lithuanian parties was broadcast on LRT Television. The topic of the debate – economics. The debating parties were the Lithuanian Social Democrat Party (LSDP), Homeland Union-Lithuanian Christian Democrats (TS-LKD), Lithuanian Peasant and Greens Union (LVŽS), the Labour Party (DP) and the Liberal Movement (LS). interviewed a number of political, economics, business, law and public relations experts and asked them to rate party performance from 1 to 5. […]

A protest in front of Norway's embassy in Vilnius

Controversy over Lithuanian children seized in Norway prompts hard look inwards

Protests have sprung up across a number of countries against the actions of Barnevernet, the Norwegian children’s welfare service that has removed numerous children from migrant families in Norway. Last Thursday, one such protest sprang up in front of the Norwegian embassy in Vilnius but Linas Linkevičius, the Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs, said “only a legal path, not populist protests and rallies, can be used to negotiate with Norway for the children that were taken from those Lithuanians”. […]


Lithuanian parliament proposes 34-percent hike to minimum wage

The Lithuanian Parliament has adopted a resolution, proposing to the Government to raise the minimum monthly wage to EUR 437, a 34-percent hike from the current rate of EUR 325. […]