Lithuanian PM calls for better training of police officers

Butkevičius says an internal investigation will show if the police officer handled his weapon the right way. The prime minister has called for tighter control of officers’ practical training.

Butkevičius said the actions of officers who left the weapon at the reach of the detained man cannot be justified as there are convoy procedures that have to be followed. In addition, before receiving a weapon every officer has to undergo a special training programme and afterwards follow instructions on how the weapon has to be handled.


The head of Government said he was constantly informed by the interior minister during the search operation and a vast force was invoked in the search.

“The interior minister, the State Security Department (VSD) and the police worked expeditiously together, shared information, thus the fugitive was arrested around midnight. It is most important that there were no victims and no one was hurt. But in the future tighter control of officers’ practical training is required,” said the prime minister.

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