Lithuanian PM explains why deputy of Ministry of Health resigned

Erikas Mačiūnas
DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

“I would like to say that Mačiūnas is leaving office not after meeting with the president. A collegial meeting was held last week during which the deputy minister’s position differed from the minister’s. The medical elite witnessed this. I think positions of ministers and deputy ministers should not differ,” the prime minister told the Žinių Radijas radio on Thursday.

According to the prime minister, the decision regarding Mačiūnas was made already last week.

“Some deputy ministers tried to reinforce their positions after the new minister was appointed, and show that they are above the minister. This cannot be happening. A trustworthy team must exist, one can discuss inside the ministry, there may be various opinions, the minister can be pursued under a modern management system, but it cannot be shown publicly,” said Butkevičius and emphasised Šalaševičiutė’s strategy, which can only be implemented with trustworthy people, especially those of political confidence.

Mačiūnas will not be returning to work since Monday, this leaves Šalaševičiutė with only one deputy.

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