Lithuanian president hopes for more effective cooperation with Brazil

Dilma Rousseff
Vida Press

In her letter of congratulation, the Lithuanian president expressed hope that in the coming years the two countries would use even more effectively the wide range of opportunities for cooperation in trade, culture and scientific research, and that friendly contacts between the countries and their people would grow consistently stronger.

“I sincerely wish that the trust and support given to you by the people of Brazil should bring you much resolve and commitment to pursue the work started as you lead your nation on the path of economic growth and further well-being. I wish you wisdom and determination in addressing economic and political stability issues as well as common security tasks that are important not only to Brazil, but also to the whole world,” Grybauskaitė said in the letter.

Leftist Brazilian President Rousseff was re-elected for a second term on Sunday, having received 51.56 percent of votes.

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