Lithuanian president suggests extra scrutiny for investments into “strategic sectors”

NATO base in Šiauliai
A.Rapševičiaus nuotr.

Under the proposed amendments, the list of strategic companies should include Šiauliai airport that operates near the military airfield and grant the status of strategic objects to all airfields in the Lithuanian territory.

The amendments came after opposition conservatives warned about an investment project under preparation in Šiauliai which envisages building a laboratory of trains running on “string tracks” near a NATO base in Šiauliai by a company of dubious ownership, suspected to be Russian.

The draft lists the following economic sectors as strategic: energy, transport, communications, information and high technologies, finances.

In the press release, Grybauskaitė emphasized that “companies of unclear origin that are possibly engaged in operations that may be hostile to the country’s national security cannot operate in strategic economic sectors or close to strategic objects”.

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