Lithuanian prosecutors expect Snoras ex-owners to be extradited soon

Raimondas Baranauskas, Vladimir Antonov

“As of today, there are 14 days when these individuals (Antonov and Baranauskas – BNS) can lodge an appeal with the Supreme Court but courts still have to say whether such an appeal would be accepted. If such an appeal is rejected, the physical extradition procedure from the UK to Lithuania could be launched. If such an appeal was accepted, we would have an additional hearing. But in this case, such processes, as the practice shows, take much less time,” Tomas Krušna, deputy chief prosecutor from the Prosecutor General’s Office’s Department for Criminal Prosecution, told journalists on Wednesday.

“That process that has taken so long, it has been complicated and, we hope, it is coming to an end,” the prosecutor said.


According to Krušna, the former owners of Snoras bank will have to appear before a court in Lithuania. The fact that Antonov is a Russian citizen will have no influence on his extradition to Lithuania, the prosecutor said.

Earlier in the day, two judges of the High Court in London ruled that Antonov and Baranauskas, former shareholders of Lithuania’s bankrupt bank Snoras, should be extradited to Lithuania.

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