Lithuanian prosecutors investigate suspected anti-constitutional activity on Facebook page

Wileńska Republika Ludowa
Facebook nuotr.

“An investigation according to Articles 121 and 122 of the Criminal Code was started on 4 February,” Vilma Mažonė, senior specialist at the Communications Division at the prosecutor’s office, told BNS.

The two articles of the Criminal Code envisage liability for founding anti-Constitutional groups and organizations, operations and public calls to violate a country’s sovereignty.

Administrators of the Russian- and Polish-language account The People’s Republic of Vilnius demand “bringing ‘little green men’ to the Vilnius region from Poland and hold a referendum among the local population” about seceding from Lithuania.

In Mažonė’s words, no suspicions have been brought in the investigation yet, with prosecutors now working to identify the administrators of the account.

Founding of anti-Constitutional groups or organizations is an offence in Lithuania, punishable with 3-10 years in prison. Individuals who publicly encourage others to use violence to violate Lithuania’s sovereignty may face jail term of up to five years.

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