Waldemar Tomaszewski

On attempts to dismantl Tomaszewski‘s monopoly on ethnic minorities

A part of members of Seimas are considering the possibility to reduce the vote requirement for parties based on ethnic minorities. According to one of the idea‘s backers Andrius Kubilius of the Conservatives, this would […]

Grand Duke Gediminas

From Grand Duke Gediminas to present – A history of how Lithuania has treated its ethnic communities

Lithuania has a long history of being home to ethnic minority communities, from as early as 1323 when Grand Duke of Lithuania Gediminas invited foreign artisans and merchants to come to Lithuania and settle there without interference in their customs and culture. […]


Ethnic minority schools staging protest in Vilnius

Representatives of ethnic minority schools are staging a rally outside the Municipality of Vilnius on Thursday in protest of what organizers say is assault on ethnic minority education. […]

No Picture

Lithuanian-Russian school teachers say their schools are not vehicles for Moscow propaganda

A week after Gediminas Grina, the former chief of Lithuania’s State Security Department (VSD) compared the country’s ethnic minority schools to “education ghettos” and called for their removal, Klaipeda’s Russian school teachers are still upset about his comments. […]