Loyalties and opinions of Lithuania’s ethnic minorities

Russia would defend the rights of its nationals and Russian speakers everywhere, including abroad. Such are the menacing notions emanating from the Kremlin for some time now. Meanwhile what would the ethnic Russians of Lithuania do if Russian tanks and “green men” rolled into Lithuania? […]

No Picture

What world leader did a grandmother in Klaipėda receive a letter from?

A grandmother from Klaipėda, Lithuania has received an unexpected letter from a world leader congratulating her on the end of World War II. […]


Vilnius considers plan to break up Roma town

Vilnius authorities are considering a plan to integrate the city’s Roma population into the society. It involves breaking up the notorious Roma town (the so-called Taboras) on the outskirts of Vilnius which has become a hub for drug sales. […]

Audronė Pitrėnienė

Lithuanian minister assures Polish counterpart about ethnic minority education

Lithuania has not passed any amendments to worsen the conditions for ethnic minorities to study in their native language, Lithuania’s Education and Science Minister Audronė Pitrėnienė has said in a letter to her Polish counterpart. […]