Andrzej Duda
Foreign affairs

Polish president picks Estonia for his first visit, snubbing Lithuania

Poland‘s new President Andrzej Duda is going to Estonia for his first foreign visit and is later scheduled to visit Berlin, London and New York. […]

Linas Linkevičius

Name spelling issue will be resolved, Lithuanian foreign minister assures

Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevičius has no doubt that the original name spelling issue, postponed by the Seimas of Lithuania earlier in the day, will eventually be resolved. He adds that the issue is, first of all, important for the country’s domestic, and not foreign policy. […]

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Sociologist: Demonising Lithuania’s ethnic minorities is unfair and counter-productive

Russia‘s aggression in Ukraine has exposed Lithuania’s sloppiness in dealing with its own ethnic minorities. Research shows that, amidst media craze about the war in Ukraine, Lithuania’s Russian-speaking citizens get increasingly often depicted as a domestic risk, while their alleged disloyalty to the state is pinpointed as threat to Lithuania’s national security and territorial integrity. […]


Lithuanian parliament to return to name-spelling issue in May

Lithuania’s Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius stated on Wednesday that the ruling Social Democratic Party will submit a bill in May on allowing non-Lithuanian names to be spelled originally in Latin characters. […]

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Ethnic minority literature in Lithuania: between academic multiculturalism and public nationalism

Minority literature studies have a long and diverse history. Since its establishment nearly 25 years ago in the Western academia as well as in the public discourse in the West, it has been accompanied by the critique of the Western Canon in light of liberal pluralism. This critique has led to many revisions of the curriculum, which later provoked a conservative response (especially in the US) and, as some critics claim, minority literature has ended up in a kind of cultural “reservation area”. However, it has been developing as a field of research and, as we can see from the reemergence of conferences and projects on the subject, it is still a hot topic. […]


Moscow is getting ready for a hybrid war with Lithuania. Is the Polish minority going to be the flashpoint?

Another series of Russian provocations involving the Baltic states, related to the Ukraine war, makes so-called hybrid war scenario more and more realistic within the region of the Baltic Sea. The incidents that took place so far, such as the Internet existence of “People’s Republic of Vilnius” or the hooligan attacks on the Polish Embassy in Vilnius, seem to suggest that the Kremlin is going to use the Polish minority of Lithuania, along with the tough history of the Polish-Lithuanian relations, as the basis for its activities, aim of which would be to destabilize the region. […]