Lithuanian retail centres ‘nuclear bombs’ for small businesses, says Lithuanian industrialist

DELFI / Orestas Gurevičius

“The competition that there should be in the food sector, which would solve the pricing problem, isn’t there. Why not? That’s another question. In Western nations, the sale of food in smaller stores is much more developed than it is in Lithuania. At one time, we probably failed to control the situation, and large retail centres started to appear in cities. They are like nuclear bombs that destroy small businesses around them,” said Dargis.

He also said there was a growing need for strong consumer representative groups.

“In Lithuania, we do not have any developed consumers associations. If they existed and represented consumers’ interests, I think that consumer satisfaction would be very different today.

“If we had a harmoniously working system in which it would be in every consumer’s interest to be a member of such an association, I think that consumers would be defended much better. We would no longer need any distractions like these, where suddenly, someone’s not happy about the prices so the government holds a meeting to decide if those prices are appropriate,” Dargis said on Žinių Radijas’ Question of the Day segment.

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