Lithuanian retail chains risk fines for giving change in old currency after euro adoption

Consumers mostly complained that they were given change in litas rather than euros in major retail networks.

According to director of the VVTAT Feliksas Petrauskas, such actions violates the law which stipulates that retailers, while still accepting payment in both euros and litas until 15 January, must give change in euros only.

However, in separate cases small and medium-sized businesses may give change in litas if they do not have enough euro coins and notes and when the change disproportionately exceeds the price of a good or a service or if daily turnover is unusually high and the trader or the service provider does not have enough cash. These exceptions, however, do not apply to major retail networks.

Supervision authorities will inspect businesses against which complaints were made and economic sanctions will be taken if legal violations are determined.

Individual people may be issued a warning for violating the Euro Adoption Law, whereas companies may be warned or punished with a 290-euro fine. Repeated offences by individuals lead to a fine of up to EUR 1,450, whereas by companies, between EUR 290 and 2,900.

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