Lithuanian robot to address Future of Life Seminar

FLTR Goda Raibytė, Professor Juozas Vaitkus and Steven Goldfarb a CERN scientist

The Irish Ambassador, David Noonan, will host the Seminar. The ambassador said, ‘The future is like the weather: it comes whether we’re ready or not. This seminar will provide a glimpse into the technologies and discoveries that will shape our lives in years to come.”

Goda Raibytė, LRT journalist and founder, will host the Seminar and moderate the expert panel discussion with some of Lithuania’s most prominent scientists and experts. The panels will address recent developments in the fields of Physics, Biotech, and IT.

Ms. Raibytė said, ”The future of us as a human race lies in scientific discoveries and technological developments. For science in Lithuania, the times are crucial now, we must communicate the achievements in as many ways as possible.” Goda Raibytė added, ”In this progress, business plays an important role. I am very happy to see that the European Business Network representatives understand the importance of technology for the future.”

Professor Juozas Vaitkus of Vilnius University will share his experience during a tenure at CERN’s world-renowned Large Hadron Collider and the applications derived from it for daily use. Professor Gintaras Valinčius, Director and Research Professor at Life Sciences Center of Vilnius University, will present the opportunities and challenges of biotechnology.

Justas Gavėnas, a management consultant and partner at Talentų Namai, will enlighten the audience with the latest in trends and separate those of fads shaping the future. Marin Heideman, of ‘DigiState’ in the Netherlands, will give insights into how the Internet of Things (IOT) will affect our daily life in a presentation about ‘Smart City Vilnius’.

More information about the seminar can be found on the website.

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