Lithuanian SMEs focussing on investment in domestic markets

However, an adviser to SEB bank’s president, Gitanas Nausėda said such an approach is currently correct.

“I really think that in the coming year, the domestic market will grow fast enough. Certain additional stimulus may lead to a further decrease in unemployment. And this year let‘s not underestimate the relevance of government decisions – two decisions, to increase the minimum monthly wage and non-taxable income. They are very favourable to the development of the domestic market,” Nausėda told Žinių radijas.

Lithuanian SMEs will invest more in innovation and technology this year, according to the survey. “Not only will the investment process be greatly improved but also there is a desire to invest in more innovative and cost saving technologies. We believe that in the near future the relatively high growth rate in average wages will remain, and it is likely that many small businesses will focus specifically on investment, which help to save on costs, and increase employment and production efficiency,” said Nausėda.

He also said increasing competition was driving the move to investment in technology and innovation. “Regardless of the strong domestic market, it is natural that the level of competition will be high. If the product is more expensive, or worse than the competition, then nothing will save you,” he said.

Žinių Radijas

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