Bruveris. The Conservatives go down the “Farmer” path?

The Conservatives are like the “Farmers” and the new Seimas is akin to the old, just symmetrically flipped from left to right. This comparison comes to mind when looking at the recently minted Seimas election […]

Central/Eastern Europe

Nausėda on Russia: let’s not fool ourselves

Speaking at the annual Eastern European Studies Centre conference, President Gitanas Nausėda stated that Lithuania has no other choice than to invest in its defence. The head of state emphasised that we should not fool […]

Indrė Genytė-Pikčienė

100 days of the president – solely tax tariff increases won’t solve problems

They say that only after the first one hundred days can you really begin to be more critical of a president’s decisions, choices and behaviour. A hundred days is the limit for when the warmup […]

Pensioners in the middle of money

You can keep on creating a welfare state for even a hundred years

The sort of chaos we now see in Seimas hadn’t yet been seen in Seimas after the restoration of independence. True, prior to deciding on organising snap elections (so far the only) in 1992, there […]