Lithuanian traders to start indicating prices in litas and euro

“Prices in both currencies have to be indicated from 22 August in all retail and service provision locations, in advertisements, online shops and websites. Prices may be indicated in a single currency in automated trade and service provision locations, electrical devices such as cash registers or weighing scales if they do not support price indication in two currencies. In that case, however, prices have to be indicated using other means – a special screen, stand, poster, etc.” said Deputy Minister of Economy Rasa Noreikienė.

Supervisory authorities will inspect if prices for goods and services are indicated, converted and rounded off according to requirements. They will also issue administrative penalties in cases of violation. Activities of supervisory bodies will be coordinated by the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority (VVTAT). It will analyse and publicise information about complaints related to price indication or conversion, settled disputes and determined violations, as well as their number and nature. The VVTAT will compile and publish the list of offenders on its website.

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