Lithuanian TV watchdog to look into Russian-language channel’s programing

According to him, the commission has recorded violations by NTV Mir Lithuania and plans to present its opinion on Wednesday.

“On July 1, the commission will evaluate the situation regarding NTV Mir Lithuania’s previously-recorded violations. We will evaluate the situation, and the commission will present its opinion. We have to admit that, on the whole, the number of those violations has dropped, and in fact there’s been none lately. Whether it’s the result of our activity or it’s because of the summer, it’s hard to say, but that’s the fact,” Vaitekūnas told BNS on Monday.

According to the commission, on November 23, NTV Mir Lithuania broadcast the programme “Today” which discussed the situation in Ukraine and failed to comply with the principles of impartial reporting. The programme used non-factual information, consciously created a biased context and evaluations and also spread propaganda, the Lithuanian commission said.

The repeated violation took place on February 15 during the Norkin’s List talk show.

The commission suspended rebroadcasting of some of NTV Mir Lithuania’s programing for three months last March and has also halted rebroadcasting of several other Russian TV channels that it said were inciting hatred and spreading propaganda.

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