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European Union

EC: Lithuanian move to ban RTR Planeta broadcast in line with EU law

The Lithuanian decision to ban broadcasts of the Russian television channel RTR Planeta for instigation of hatred is not in violation of the European Union’s (EU) law, the European Commission said on Friday. […]

Monika Garbačiauskaitė-Budrienė

Opinion: Winning back hearts and souls of Lithuania’s citizens

The West now faces bigger problems than Ukraine’s future or Russia’s plans for its neighbours. The growing threat of terrorism makes Russia more and more indispensable to its Western partners. That’s dangerous for the Baltic states because there’s no way that the Kremlin will renounce its aggressive goals, get lost in Syria or run out of resources for all of its front lines. […]

Edmundas Vaitekūnas

Media watchdog will not impose sanctions on NTV Mir Lithuania

The Radio and Television Commission of Lithuania has not established any gross violations by the Russian-language TV channel NTV Mir Lithuania and will not impose any sanctions as the key problematic show is no longer aired, commission chairman Edmundas Vaitekūnas said on Wednesday. […]


Lithuanian court rejects request to suspend Russian channel’s broadcasts

Vilnius Regional Administrative Court on Friday rejected the request by Lithuania’s Radio and Television Commission to halt broadcasting of the Russian-language TV channel Ren TV Baltic’s programs. The commission had asked to suspend broadcasting of programmes produced outside the European Union for 3 months. […]

Johannes Leppanen

Viasat agrees to halt rebroadcasting of Russian TV channels in Lithuania

TV rebroadcaster Viasat plans to halt the broadcasting of Russian TV channels if the Radio and Television Commission of Lithuania decides to ban rebroadcasting of such channels, the company’s CEO for the Baltic countries and Finland said on Monday. […]