Lithuanian court suspends Russian channel’s broadcasts for 3 months

Vida Press

The court’s spokeswoman Sigita Jacinevičienė-Baltaduonė told BNS that the court upheld the decision of the Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission, a local watchdog, after it submitted additional argumentation to prove that the channel instigated hatred and war.

“After examining the content of decision made by the Lithuanian Radio and Television Commission on 12 January and a recording of a programme, the court decided that the commission’s decision is legitimate and well-grounded, and the envisaged measure is in proportion to the infringement. The evidence submitted to the court unconditionally proved that the programme indeed shaped the audience’s opinion about the Western world aiming to destroy the relations between Ukraine and Russia, as well as destabilize the situation in the region. Misleading information about Ukraine’s history and relations with other countries including the Baltic states was deliberately disseminated, hatred was instigated with regard to Ukraine and the Ukrainian nation, America, Poland and the Baltic states,” Jacinevičienė-Baltaduonė said.

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