Lithuanian university admissions facing a crisis

These opinions were revealed in an analysis conducted by the Education and Study Observation and Analysis Center (MOSTA).

“We are worried by the approach by universities and colleges towards the quality of their studies and their attempts to survive by creating new study programs and accepting all applicants. This serves to further push away capable students and professors,” said MOSTA director Jurgita Petrauskienė.

Petrauskienė noted that even poorly-prepared students could enter universities, but that students also brought the financing institutions of higher education needed, which in turn reduce their standards to attract financing. This is necessary to ensure the continuity of their operations and to pay professors’ salaries.

“We’d say that two things must be done here. The quality of study programs is very important. We suggest that an educational law be used to raise the standards for admission to higher education, but this would also require a review of education and study financing,” said Petrauskienė.

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